The UCHealth CARE Innovation Center is a hub for developing, testing, and implementing healthcare innovations. We pride ourselves on serving as an incubator for novel ideas and disruptive technologies, as well as a springboard for launching process improvements and products, and bringing them to market in order to improve healthcare delivery. We are creating innovative solutions to modern healthcare challenges.


Bring specific technical and patient care challenges to the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center for solution development

  • World class vivarium and high fidelity setting for product innovation and rigorous prototype evaluation for regulatory submissions
  • Collaborations with industry in the development of disruptive healthcare innovation


Bring existing prototypes and concepts to the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center for testing in a fully operational healthcare environment

  • Product testing to determine cost-effectiveness and efficiencies gained from the healthcare provider’s perspective
  • Three micro hospitals, and 22 acute care centers on one electronic and analytic platform
  • Robust experience and infrastructure to support clinical evaluation trials


Gain specific insight into emergency medicine related to workflows, access, and healthcare reform; Work collaboratively to develop solutions. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Clinical Care Delivery
  • Informatics
  • Analytics
  • Implementation Science
  • Outcomes
  • Workflows
  • Quality


  • Largest academic health center in the Rocky Mountain region
  • Two nationally recognized hospitals and a national leader in life sciences research.
  • University of Colorado Hospital
  • Childrens Hospital
  • 22 acute care centers